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Academics at New Life Preparatory Academy

The Academic Program objectives of the New Life Preparatory Academy are clearly designed and delineated in the school's academic manual, and it prepares the student for success in college life. The program is preparatory in the strict sense. It clearly defined goals and objectives for each class and textbooks are provided, as well as an appropriate scope and sequence of each discipline within the curriculum. Every student who graduates will have taken all the units necessary for admission to college. Each student takes at least six courses each year. Our academic environment offers college preparatory coursework in all core areas, including a track for honors and AP courses available.

The faculty and staff of the school, working together through the departments and grades and with school administrators, continue to provide a classroom experience where the academic goals, in close relationship to the stated objectives and the practical application of each goal, are delineated.

We currently offer the following electives, and have plans to grow our program with a stronger focus for science & technology:

  • Keyboarding
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Technology
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Journalism
  • Digital Arts

New Life Preparatory Academy seniors may also take dual credit college coursework to begin accumulating college credits.


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